About Us

PTM Solar is committed to providing cost-effective and sustainable solar solutions. We are passionate about transforming the future landscape of clean energy alternatives while providing opportunities for like-minded, growth-focused individuals looking to further their careers.

This image is a split view collage that juxtaposes two aspects of solar energy solutions implementation. On the top half, we see workers on a rooftop during sunset, involved in the installation or maintenance of solar
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Where We Came From

Responding to the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions, PTM Solar emerged as a pioneering force in 2015. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community impact, PTM Solar is positioned to shape the future of solar solutions. This commitment extends beyond merely providing energy solutions; it involves nurturing a community of passionate individuals keen on contributing to collective progress while enhancing their professional and personal journeys. At PTM Solar, we don’t just generate energy; we supply power for a brighter tomorrow—harnessing the strength of people and community.

PTM Solar Core Values

We want to introduce solar solutions across geographic and financial landscapes – making clean energy available to all! PTM Solar’s is on a mission to make a global impact with cleaner energy solutions, seamlessly.

Our intimate approach creates a space where team members and clients alike are encouraged to make a global impact through the power of human connection.

Through consistent exploration of sustainable solutions, our team members are equipped to provide expert guidance on clean energy, to our Neighborhoods and beyond.

We foster transparent and trusted relationships our Community – and planet – can depend on.

We are dedicated to supporting individuals who are actively discovering energy efficiency that promotes clean comfort in our Community.

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