Logo for PTM Solar. The design features a stylized orange sun partially obscured by blue solar panels on the left. The text "PTM SOLAR" is in bold, dark blue, capital letters to the right of the sun and panel image.

PTM Solar

Join a dedicated team passionate about transforming the future.
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PTM Culture

We’re always looking for talented people passionate about transforming the future. In this role you will provide customers with cost effective green energy solutions that will make a difference in creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment. What makes this opportunity so amazing is that you’re building your own personal wealth at the same time.

We have offices across the United States including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Illinois.

Get paid for making the world a better place! Join our growth-driven team to reach new heights with our solar sales jobs!

Who Are We Looking For

PTM Solar is looking for dynamic individuals to join our sales team.

An engineer in a high-visibility vest and helmet inspects a vast array of solar panels under a clear blue sky.

Why Join Us

At PTM Solar, we’re not just about selling products; we’re about transforming the way people power their lives. Joining our sales team means being at the forefront of a sustainable energy revolution, where every interaction with customers makes a meaningful impact on our planet’s future.

Make A Difference
Endless Opportunities
Dynamic And Inclusive
Cutting-Edge Technology
Competitive Compensation
Supportive Team Environment

Opportunities At PTM Solar

See the Current opportunities at PTM Solar

Project Manager

As a Project Manager at Paradise Energy Solutions, you’ll lead intricate solar panel installation projects spanning from 2kW to 2MW. Your responsibilities include overseeing project timelines, obtaining permits, and managing parts procurement to ensure seamless project execution.

Branch Electrician

Our Service Technicians are adept at diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving electrical issues in solar systems ranging from 2kW to 75MW+. Count on our skilled team to ensure optimal performance for your solar installations.”

Service Technician 

Our Service Technicians specialize in testing, troubleshooting, and efficiently resolving electrical issues across a wide range of solar systems, spanning from 2kW to 75MW+. Trust our experts to keep your solar installations running smoothly.

Solar PV Installer

Our Solar PV Installer excels in seamless installations, thorough site preparation, and adept handling of mechanical and electrical tasks. Specializing in both ground-mount and roof-mount solar systems of varying sizes, we ensure top-quality service at every customer site.

Solar Contractor

As a Solar Consultant, you’re pivotal to our company’s triumph. Your role involves educating and fostering enduring connections. You excel in aiding others’ prosperity and embrace the challenge of proactive outreach, lead generation, and sealing deals with business leaders and farmers.

* Independent Contractors With PTM Solar

Solar System Analyst

The Solar PV System Analyst will demonstrate expertise in the technical setup of solar PV inverters and associated electrical components. They will utilize advanced computer skills to monitor systems, troubleshoot issues, and deliver exceptional customer support for solar installations spanning an 8-state region.